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Quote (Gunthernacus @ Feb. 27 2009,11:52)
I have a laymen's question about publishing:  If you submit a work to be published, and it gets rejected - for whatever reason - are the notes from the reviewer(s) or the rejection letter protected in some way?

I know the IDers can't/won't/don't publish in their own journals, but why don't they put their work up somewhere and include the rejection letter or whatever mean, nasty notes they've gotten to show how they are not treated fairly?  I'm sure someone like Bill O'Reilly would give nation-wide airtime every day to expose this kind of injustice.  Hell, maybe even a feature-length documentary profiling those poor souls who have been unfairly barred from the academic process?

I believe the judge in the Creationism trial in Arkansas in the 1980's asked the plaintiffs to produce such rejection letters. They couldn't come up with even one.

And yes, a letter is sent.


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