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Quote (JLT @ Feb. 24 2009,08:07)
StephenB takes the strawmen argument to a new level:
Darwinists keep telling me that atheists can be just as moral as anyone else, and they bristle when anyone dares to question the point. Even so, I have to wonder. What must it be like to have a relationship with people who live by their feelings and make up their own morality as they go along? If they don’t believe in any such thing as truth, how can they be honest? If they disavow any notion of justice, how can they be fair? If they renounce natural law and natural rights, how can they be responsible citizens? Are they capable of delaying gratification for the sake of a higher good? More to the point, do they even recognize a higher good, or anything such as “good” period? By their own admission, they do not. How then, do they claim to be good and moral people while denying goodness and morality? I am still waiting for someone to solve that riddle.

Also, the end is near:
One thing I do know is that their ["semi-educated partisans", "misguided materialists", "misguided souls"] numbers seem to be growing and they are destroying the culture with their studiously contrived nihilism. Unfortunately, they will not pay the penalty alone; they will be taking the rest of us down with them.

That's correct atheists find no problems just saying anything and outright lying about what they wrote just a couple of hours ago. ... oh wait ...

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