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There must be many, many, people who see how evolution & speciation are reckoned to work, but dimly. They may not be biologists, or even scientists, but can see the inherent value of the hypotheses, and the relative strength of the evidence - nested hierachies and all that relatively easily grasped stuff, with pictures

But there are many, many more who perfectly well recognise that ID's thesis of "Life started with bloody great big functional proteins, and the chances of making a bloody big functional protein from a dilute soup of amino acids are vanishingly small, so someone musta dunnit!" is just plain silly.

Many many more who can smell the ordure covering the IDers' inability simply to exemplify one of these "obvious" CSI calculations for a biological system.

Many, many more who have simply slipped into a coma trying to get to the end of one of kairosfocus' bijou answerettes, or one of gpuccio's stupefying ponderosities.

(Today, for the first - and last - time, I dipped into kf's blog. I'm a strong-minded bloke, so made it out alive; but by Eros' little willie, with someone like that behind it, ID cannot fail to fail)

The point being that if UD represents the most developed bits of ID philosophy, then the real world has little to concern itself about, and the Darwinistas can strut about unscathed, with sardonic sneers on their cruel (but handsome) faces

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