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Quote (Missing Shade of Blue @ Dec. 19 2008,23:25)

"Granted that nature is uniform, what does that mean?"

As far as science is concerned, it doesn't mean anything. It's just a phenomena which is consistently observed. If we didn't live in such a universe, there would be no such thing as science.

"deeper" meaning is irrelevant, unless it provides some testable prediction. If it makes you happy, say God created it this way just for us.

What happened was that hominid color biases were fixed millions of years ago, and then they continued to be successful.

Human (never mind all hominid) color perception isn't fixed. The frequency of red/green color blindness suggests large variations aren't an overwhelming disadvantage. So does the success of species with different levels of color vision. Color vision undoubtedly provided an advantage to some of our ancestors, but contingency probably played a big role too. One can certainly imagine a color blind species coming out roughly the same way we did.

What I am asking is how evolution knew which biases to pick (out of the infinite number of choices) all those years ago.

Bad assumptions. There aren't an infinite number of choices that work in our universe, and evolution can only build on what came before. It doesn't know anything. The lineages that went in directions which turned out wrong (and they outnumber successful lineages by orders of magnitude) aren't around to speculate about it.

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