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Richard Simons

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 12 2008,17:05   

Quote (Dr.GH @ Dec. 12 2008,16:08)
Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Dec. 12 2008,09:43)
There were likely a lot of operative factors in Dembski's withdrawal from the KvD case. The last straw may have been when Stephen Harvey of Pepper Hamilton communicated to TMLC that Jeff Shallit and I would be present at Dembski's scheduled deposition in Waco, TX the following Monday. It wasn't long after that that TMLC announced that they were withdrawing Dembski as an expert witness. Oh, and we had also asked Dembski to bring his documentation for the "peer-review" of "The Design Inference", since he had made that claim as part of his expert report.

If "The Design of Life" becomes an issue in a future court case, we'll just be picking up where we left off.

He will still tuck his tail and run away.

He can't if he's called as a witness by t'other side :-)

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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