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Barry Arrington: For example, in a recent post I used the example of Mt. Rushmore to illustrate a known instance of intelligent design.  I asked my readers to consider an investigator who knows nothing about the origin of the faces on the mountain other than their bare existence (perhaps an investigator from the far distant future after an apocalypse has erased all other records of human activity).  The investigator might conclude that the faces on the mountain were the product of chance and necessity, i.e., wind and rain and other environmental factors against all odds combined to form the exact replicas of the faces of four men.  Or the investigator could conclude from the obvious CSI exhibited by the carvings that they are the product of the purposeful efforts of an intelligent agent.  

So if you found, for example, a humaniod face on mars you would infer design. Right ?

Or maybe you could do mathematical analysis of neighboring land forms to prove that it was artificial. Sounds  lot like CSI, right ?

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