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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 16 2008,08:30   

No atheist/theist slugfests here

I deleted a recent post by Bill Dembski, another by Gil Dodgen, and another by IDNET that appeared to serve no purpose other than antagonizing atheists. This is not “serving the ID community”.

Theism and atheism are bound to come up in discussion here but the science (or art if you don’t believe it’s science) of design detection is not informed by theistic or atheistic belief so these should come up infrequently and when they do, if the conversation becomes disrespectful or proselytizing or antagonistic, the material is going to disappear.

Wow - so much for a looser moderation policy.  Dave just wiped out three whole threads, some of which had some pretty interesting discussion.

Ironically, the first three comments and other places now have a Google Ads line on them, and currently the five ads are for Atheist God, The Atheist, Argument, Religion, and Atheist Men.  What's Dave going to do - ban Google?

Added in Edit: and there is now a bunch of Google ads above the recent comments.  Looks like "serving the ID Community" means "make more money."

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