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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Oct. 24 2008,20:40)
OK, I have revamped the stuff under the hood of the "weasel" demo. Hopefully this one will cause fewer problems for people, plus I've added a couple of convenience features.

A Real "weasel" Implementation that is True to the Description by Richard Dawkins, unlike the fake "weasel" being discussed over at UD.

I'm using a JavaScript global object for persistence, the "setInterval()" and "clearInterval()" functions to repeatedly call a routine that performs the steps associated with one generation of a run and then stop, and have added user control of the time between calls. There's also a "Stop!" button now.

Additionally, when a stepback is detected, the current population is dumped to the "console" textarea for examination.

Looking at the output of one of the runs I've done for testing, I found this:

Code Sample

Gen. 90, 27 letters, METHINKS IT IS LIK  A WEASEL
Gen. 91, 27 letters, METHINKS IT IS LIiE A WEASEL
Gen. 92, 28 letters, METHINKS IT IS LIKE A WEASEL

Notice the change between generations 90 and 91 of which letters match, even though the same number matched. No "locking" required.

Speactacular.  Nice work Wesley.

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