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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Oct. 23 2008,17:12)
My first stab at JavaScript coding is a "weasel". It is aimed at dispelling the misinformation (referring to those who haven't previously been given a clue) and lies (referring to those who have gotten a clue before, but continue to assert the known-false stuff) about Dawkins' "Weasel" program and the "locking letters" issue.

Once I've gotten some feedback, I'll add it to the main site.

Wesley,  that looks great to me.

One thing - the Javascript while(unmatched) loop doesn't allow for any other events in the browser window, which makes my browser get concerned with a slew of "A script on this page is not playing nice" type warnings.  Also, I can't affect anything in the browser window: no highlighting, scroll-bar interfacing, no new tabbing, etc.  

Remedying this might take more programming than it's worth, but it might be worth looking into popping off another thread or a while loop that allows for interruptions - but I have no idea how to do that in javascript.  It might be possible using setTimeout, but I haven't written javascript since back when we wrote our HTML by hand.  In notepad.  No, wait, in vi.

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