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Venus Mousetrap

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 23 2008,11:44   

Quote (keiths @ Sep. 23 2008,08:03)
Quote (Skullboy @ Sep. 22 2008,10:15)
Dodgen definitely suffers from slide rule envy. From what I can gather, he is a bright programmer, but not actually an engineer by training.

This sophomoric attempt to show off what he thinks is mathematical depth reminds me of this post from a while back. In it he launches into an elaborate description of binary search algorithms, a matter which is only tangentially related to the issue under discussion.

But of course, deliberately confusing levels of abstraction when discussing computer simulations is one of the most-used tools in the ID toolbox. If you can sound really technical while doing it, the sycophants will all go "oooh" and "ahhh."


You're being too generous in calling GilDo "bright" and in giving him credit for deliberately mixing levels of abstraction in order to fool the rubes.  He's genuinely confused about levels of abstraction.  See these two threads for evidence:

A Realistic Computational Simulation of Random Mutation Filtered by Natural Selection in Biology
Gil Has Never Grasped the Nature of a Simulation Model

My gosh, that's some vintage tard. It's definitely matured over the years to give it that strong, rich kick, and the addition of JAD lends it that little bit of fizz.

It's worth it just for RB's attempt to explain that computation is independent of the machine which performs it, and could be done with logs and ropes, to which Davescot replies 'well why don't you BUILD one then'. Classic. ^.^

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