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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Sep. 21 2008,08:54)
gpuccio still can't work out that research is not like reading the bible
Well, darwinists, like old timers in science fiction, seem to share an incredible amount of “sense of wonder”. There is almost no new relevant research paper which does not include words like “surprisingly”, “unexpectedly”,and similar.

This, to me, is just...he's takes a "sense of wonder", one of the greatest strengths (short of curiosity) a scientist can have...and turns it into a failing?

I think it's spectacular that new research papers have the terms "surprisingly", "unexpectedly" and the like.  No, not every paper is ground breaking and redefines its field, but small observations can lead to big discoveries or just a greater understanding.

I'm sorry, this just scrambles my brain and makes me type with the bad.  It just doesn't process that these are possibly bad things.

UD makes my brain hurt.

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