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Quote (deadman_932 @ Aug. 09 2008,20:26)
In the Densey post at her blog, it gets funnier.

U.K. Sociologist Steve Fuller (University of Warwick), pictured below:

"My fantasy ID textbook would actually treat biology as a branch of engineering – I.E. GOD'S ENGINEERING" (my emphasis)

Move along now -- nothing to see here. All science, all the time, yep. Move along.

She also quotes Fuller as saying:
I notice that Dembski and Wells have a book due out in the autumn that purports to explain ‘why intelligent design is necessary to explain the high-tech engineering inside the cell’.

It's not enough for them to be non-scientists pretending to be authorities on science; now they want to be non-engineers pretending to be authorities on engineering.

Equal opportunity tard! Why should you scientists have all the fun laughing at them? Now us engineers are going to have more chances.

Invoking intelligent design in science is like invoking gremlins in engineering. [after Mark Isaak.]
All models are wrong, some models are useful. - George E. P. Box

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