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Quote (swbarnes2 @ July 29 2008,16:17)
Quote (lcd @ July 29 2008,14:08)

it can be the college professor who knows that something isn't right but have a vested interest in keeping their mouths shut.

Okay, so what did you have in mind, exactly?

It's really easy.  You just need to:

1) Tell us exactly what claim you think those dishonest, frightened professors are making

2) Show us evidence that they are in fact teaching it.  A quote from a mainstream textbook would do.

3) Explain why the claim is factually wrong

4) Prove that it is wrong with reference to actual scientific facts, preferably ones found in peer-reviewed literature.

For instance, you could be thinking that professors are wrongly teaching that Haekel's conclusions are scientifically accurate, and you would be right that they aren't, but you would fail on step 2, because no one teaches that they are.

Now certainly, there are a lot of biological facts and concepts that just aren't appropriate for high school science, or even intro undergrad classes.  I'd be flabbergasted if you were to name one such accurate fact that you thought that professors were for whatever reason "keeping their mouth shut" about.

My spouse is a college professor who teaches animal behavior from an evolutionary perspective. I've never known him to keep his mouth shut out of fear. Oh, and yeah, we are raking in the dough...can't spend it fast enough.

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