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Quote (Kristine @ May 12 2010,10:51)

Well, guys, I'm going to plug myself here. For my Reference Sources in the Sciences class I had to create a page of online resources. Unlike everyone else, who chose a specialty, I wanted to implement science communication techniques and so I created a transdiciplinary introductory science page.

I chose online tutorials that were interactive, attractive, and had clear language. Actually, for the assignment I eliminated some vetted links that I would like to incorporate later, or in another guide. It's amazing to see what scientists, educators, and designers are doing to bring science to the public.

Here it is, my pride and joy: Concepts, Scales, and Measures in Science

I am finished with classes, have earned my Master's (just need to get the grades), and just submitted my first paper for peer review. :)

Congrats Kristine! Nicely done!

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