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(Permalink) Posted: July 06 2008,22:21   

Quote (Lou FCD @ July 06 2008,22:18)
Alright, as much fun as watching guts make himself and his creationist buddies look as bad as humanly possible is, I'm going to step in here.

Guts, you have specifically called Steve a liar on several occasions.

As super light as the moderation here is, we do have a rule (check the bottom of the page for the link) about assertions and evidence which is taken pretty seriously.

Support your claim that Steve is a liar, with evidence, or retract it immediately.

And for the record, I am the moderator here, Steve is semi-retired.  Moderator Emeritus, if you will.

Steve is in fact a liar. Here is the comment that he won't retract:

Instead of doing the right thing and admitting that he made a mistake, he is now playing games pretending not to understand his own post.

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