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Quote (Zachriel @ July 05 2008,17:35)
Very interesting. Guts blogged  on "Your Inner Fish", by Neil Shubin. I posted some clearly pertinent information about the author, the codiscoverer of Tiktaalik roseae, an intermediate organism between fish and tetrapods. I provided a link to the official Tiktaalik website for those who might be interested in finding out more. The website has pictures of the expedition team, including Neil. Apparently, my comment was so controversial it was deleted, and I can no longer post on the thread.

By the way, for the benefit of Telic Thoughters, this is what scientists look like:

(Neil Shubin is in front.)

Why am I not surprised?  (That's my last comment on TT - the crew there are so on edge that they cannot stand any probing questions.)

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