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Cedric Katesby

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(Permalink) Posted: June 27 2008,12:45   

I also am NOT a Tardaholic.
Daily checking out PT first thing in the morning (for over three years straight) and hunting down third-rate obscure ID friendly web-sites so that I can bait the people there DOES NOT MEAN that I have a Tard abuse problem.

Everybody does that.


Ok, maybe not everybody but....

Look, I just need a little something to get me by.
A little taste. It's a natural thing.
All the kids are doing it nowdays.


It's not my fault.
Lenny, PZ, Louis, Steve Steve, G.H., PvM and the rest of them!
It's their fault.
Them and their sarcastic wit, their droll humour, their merciless disembowelling of creationist arguments with scientific explanations that even a Humanties casualty such as myself can grasp and then use later in after-dinner conversation.

I...I was led astray.

Same time tomorrow?

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