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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ June 07 2008,05:53)
The discussions you are suggesting here (a genuine exploration of punctuationism; the role of natural selection versus other mechanisms in propelling evolution; a presentation of the history of these powerful scientific ideas) are long-standing features of discourse within evolutionary biology, are already part of good pedagogy and need no legislative protection.

Exactly. Biology teachers aren't campaigning for these bills so that can talk about this. If these ideas aren't discussed in high school level classes, it is likely due to time constraints, or the fact that evolution as a whole is frequently marginalized.

Why is evolution frequently glossed over at this level ? One hypothesis is that it has to do with the influence of creationists... the very same people campaigning for this "academic freedom". Hmmm. If people are hypocrites, why are there still hippopotamus ? Goddidit! QED!

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