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Richard Simons

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(Permalink) Posted: May 21 2008,17:08   

Quote (Robert O'Brien @ May 21 2008,11:09)
Quote (Richard Simons @ May 20 2008,23:32)
I'm in the sticks in Manitoba, an 8-hour drive north of Winnipeg and 3 hours south of Thompson, in a place where the cultural highlights are the Trappers' Festival and the ice fishing derbies.

I've also family in the UK (I grew up in the Manchester area) in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire, plus Calgary and Vancouver in Canada.

At least you don't live in Regina, Sasquatchewan (or however they spell it.) Whose idea was it to pronounce Regina like the female part?

Regina - the place where you can look out of your living room window and watch your dog run away from home - for three days.

Actually, from the times I've spent a few hours there it did not seem a bad place although it's getting the sprawl of big box stores that is common to all North American cities.

P.S. It used to be called Pile O'Bones from the heaps of bison bones but as a PR gesture it was renamed after Queen Victoria in the 1880s.

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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