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Quote (Richardthughes @ April 22 2008,11:44)
Okay, let's assume there is an omnipotent creator.

Given that we've getting somewhat sophisticated as a species and now understand an array of things fairly well, is it safe to assume that the creator doesn't want to be found? I can think of umpteen places he could have put 'made by god'.. but we're just not seeing it. Does this mean he doesn't want proof? Will he punish people for looking?

You mean like this ?

Skeptic seems to argue that we don't "now understand an array of things fairly well" but it is undeniable we understand a lot of things better than we did, say, in the time of Christ.

Furthermore, this understanding has gone from assuming something was supernatural (disease as influence of demons) to natural (germ theory). The reverse case is notable by it's absence. ID claims to have such a case, but they have a mountain of evidence against and none for.

This reminds me of an argument against UFOs as alien visitors which sums up the idea nicely (Sadly, I neglected to record who posted it. Someone on* a number of years ago):

I think the best place to look for those pesky aliens is anywhere cameras are produced.

Obviously, they must have spies at Kodak, Magnavox, Phillips, etc, since they stay on top of our camera technology enough to always know the exact distance where they will be captured on film as blurry spots!

Our recording and observing capability, not to mention sheer numbers, have increased astoundingly, yet the evidence of UFOs remains the same blurry pictures and hearsay it did in the 50s. You can of course replace "UFO" with just about any other supernatural and miraculous phenomena and get the same conclusion.

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