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Quote (Peter Henderson @ April 19 2008,15:20)

Could you not say the same about any scientist who believes that a human being rose from the dead or that a female virgin gave birth, since neither of these are scientifically possible either

Absolutely. To accept any of those as literal fact on the basis of some stories handed down in a 2000+ year game of telephone is not rational.

Is Dawkins really saying that all scientists who are Christians are "not very bright" or is he just being facetious ?

No, Dawkins makes it abundantly clear he isn't talking about all Christians. That's what started the whole exchange! The "not very bright" applies to those who insist the bible is literal truth, which is a subset of people who consider themselves Christian.

It seems obvious to me there was some humor involved. Clearly he thinks that accepting the idea of a talking snake is not very bright, but I doubt he'd claim that holding it prevents someone from being brilliant in other respects.

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