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Quote (J-Dog @ Aug. 15 2008,14:37)
Thanks to all for the comments - my daughter decided to go to Edinburgh, not Swansea, and she leaves in early September.

So, NOW, I got MORE questions! -

During part of her time in Scotland, she will be placed with a Scottish family, and will be expected to give the family a "small gift", usually representing something form her university or city.


So, what would a Family of Scots want from an American student from Chicago?  I mean, other than money?

It's got to be small, they recommend taking only 2 suitcases, and my first idea was a Chicago Cubs baseball cap or caps, BUT I don't even know if they wear baseball caps in Scotland!

What do you all think might be appropriate and appreciated, given the parameters I outlined?

Albatrossity - You were just there - what's the story with using an American Laptop battery charger in GB?  (Yes, she does have a circuit converter.)

I think a Cubs cap is a good idea. The Cubs are pretty famous due to flms and TV, but thats not the sort of thing that you can pick up easily in the UK. Baseball isnt really popular (soccer, rugby and cricket, mainly), but everyone wears caps :-)

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