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Quote (skeptic @ Mar. 16 2008,17:31)

No, Reed, I don't have to deal with that because I don't accept the premise.  That's your rationalization not mine.  Your intellectual conflict does not necessitate one for me.

It's not my intellectual conflict. I find the existence of God to be unsupported by any evidence. Given that, it's only of minor interest that most definitions of God (including yours, to the extent that you have presented it) also appear contradictory.

If you'd read the rest of the post, you'd realize that my complaint was about your completely nonsensical response:
4)  Realize that you can not simultaneously hate and blame God for the state of the world and deny his existence.

In any event, your response to my restatement of the question is remarkably content free. Which premise do you not accept ?

But who am I kidding, it's clear you aren't interested in a coherent discussion. Before Lou FCD gives this the lock, could you at least clarify whether killing homosexuals and witches is part of the bibles blueprint for a better life ?

I'm always looking for ways to improve my life.
{eyes Louis and Kristine}

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