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Quote (skeptic @ Mar. 16 2008,07:29)
Sorry, Reed, there's so much on here to respond to at the moment your's might have just gotten lost in the shuffle.  Repeat them please and I'll try to get to them.

They are still here, no need to repeat them.

Also, in regards to the oft-refuted article, I find it funny that it was published again just 3 days ago.

This is a standard denialist tactic. Repeat the same lies frequently to maintain the illusion that there is a real debate. Teach the non-existent controversy!

4)  Realize that you can not simultaneously hate and blame God for the state of the world and deny his existence.

You have utterly failed to understand the objection, or are deliberately distorting it. Pointing out the apparent contradictions in your view doesn't require us to accept the assumptions it is based on.

As an apparent believer in God, you have to deal with the whole question of whether God is a giant asshole, and how that squares with the claim that he is also good and loving. Atheism, and indeed other religions such Hinduism and the Greek and Norse mythologies do not, since these views do not depend on an all-powerful benevolent creator.

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