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Quote (skeptic @ Mar. 14 2008,05:53)
Reed, I read the Bible in exactly the same way.  IMO, it's a blueprint for a suggested life to lead.  In many ways if you detour from this blueprint you will get burned in the real sense and not just the spiritual sense.

Funny that you "agree" but completely ignore the content of the post, and fail to answer any of the interesting questions:
1) If Gods plan is incomprehensible, how is that different (for us) from a universe that is just incomprehensible without God ? How do you distinguish between these two options ?

2) If he is really incomprehensible, why would you believe the bible was really his word ?

3) What objective criteria allows you to decide God is the God of the bible and not the daemon sultan Azathoth ?

And since the bible is apparently a "blueprint for a suggested life to lead" here's a bonus question:
4) Must adulterers, homosexuals and witches be put to death ? If you don't agree with this, how is the bible a blueprint for a suggested life to lead ?  If only some parts are a blueprint, what are the other parts ? How do you decide which parts are the blueprint, and which aren't ?

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