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Quote (philbert @ Mar. 10 2008,05:19)
What about the freedom of the children? What happened to that? Suddenly the content of their education is entirely the result of the lottery of which set of parents they were born to? How affirming of their future freedom is that, exactly?

Make all the decisions you like about "what is best for [y]ourselves". Just don't pretend that your children are yourselves. They aren't your property. They're citizens, too.

Hrmph..... whole different can of worms here.   Historically, in the US,  children are treated legally much more like property then like citizens,  and that cultural attitude is still deeply engrained.  Children's rights are almost always subject and secondary to the parent's rights in culturally and legally.  I find it by and large appalling.

 However, I'm not sure I would agree with your contention that it's relevant issue with regards to the debate over home vs public schooling.

Just keep in mind that appeals along the lines of "but what about the children"  don't fly real well in the US -- and are generally associated with the religious rightists you disagree with.    Hell,  we're one of the two UN member countries that hasn't signed the UNCRC.  And we certainly don't abide by it,  regardless of international law.

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