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Quote (Richardthughes @ Mar. 08 2008,00:43)
Isn't there some social retardation that occurs with homeschooling? I may be wrong.

Richard,    this is a common concern,  and usually an unfounded one, in my experience.    Most of the other homeschooled kids we know are articulate, polite, friendly kids who get along well with each other and adults.   They also tend to be more confident in talking with adults,  because they aren't socialized to the (contextually reasonable) public school demands of "line up, stay quiet, do what you're told".

However - there is a significant subset of homeschoolers among the fanatically religious  that do (imho),  seriously deprive their children of normal social opportunities under the guise of "protection".   These families tend to be extremely controlling of pretty much everything - the kids are dressed differently, etc etc.   I suspect that these kids would end up messed up even if their families didn't homeschool.

Furthermore,   I can recall being a child raised in a religiously extreme home,  and attending public schools.   I was seriously messed up (hint - singing hymns to other schoolchildren does not get them to stop making fun of you), despite attending public schools.  

So, from my perspective,  it's not homeschooling that fails in socialization - it's the family culture of religious extremism that does it.

Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood. - Shakespeare (reputedly)

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