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Quote (EoRaptor013 @ Feb. 27 2008,14:32)
Quote (skeptic @ Feb. 27 2008,14:26)
First things first, there's about six books in the Bible relevant to the Babylonian exile so yes, that is much better addressed someplace else.

Damn! Strategic error on my part; trying to be kind to my acquaintances here, I inadvertently gave septic a way out of answering my question! (Although his mention of six relevant books in the Bible probably demonstrates that he has no clue what I'm actually talking about.) Hint: note the word development.

Oh well, I never was any good at playing chess.

Well, I did foobar the situation by asking if another thread was more appropriate, nevertheless, I note that septic hasn't even provided a teaser answer to the questions CJ and I asked. And, of course, he hasn't shown the least sign of recognition that some of us Darwinistas might know as much, if not more, about the Bible than he does.

Years to catch up, indeed.

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