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Quote (Peter Henderson @ Jan. 30 2008,09:29)
I apologise if some on this forum find this offensive:

Offensive? Au contraire mon frère.

This natural born super genius writes about genetics:

Evolutionists say that biological life forms change in an “upward” direction, becoming more and more complex, through spontaneous mutation of genetic information. However, the word mutation means by definition “copying error.” A mutation is a structural change in the hereditary material which makes the offspring different from the parents. Mutations are errors in copying the genetic codes.

You may copy something perfectly or imperfectly, but you cannot copy something more perfectly. If we copy something perfectly, then there is no change from one generation to the next. If we copy something imperfectly, then the information is degraded or corrupted and the next generation will suffer from the imperfections of the copying processes.

Isn't that just right? Of course, any change is an imperfection, and the imperfect will suffer righteously in hell!

- pwe

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