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Quote (Robin @ Jan. 03 2012,09:15)
Still trying to determine the critter's ID. So far all the experts I've checked with (4 naturalists, 1 ornithologist, 1 preserve manager) either shrugged or (like rhmc's experience) edged away. Of course, I have not heard our little (big?) friend since I last reported it, so maybe we'll never know.

i was talking to a friend of mine who lives an island over and mentioned not only my tale of the noise but yours.
he said foxes made some noises you'd never believe could be made by a dog relative.
i said i could understand foxes in the okee but in DC?
he said he's seen red foxes in rock creek park so depending on what suburb, foxes are a possible source.

i dunno.  dang sure sounded like a bird to me.

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