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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ Oct. 07 2010,14:05)

Quote (Lou FCD @ Oct. 07 2010,12:11)
Thanks, Alby, you rock.

Well, actually, I suck. I mistakenly recalled the details about iris color in RTH; yellow iris in juveniles and darker iris in adults. It's hard to tell from your pics, but the iris is definitely not dark!

But I still think it's not a juvenile based on the lack of barring on the tail, and the red color of the upper surface of the tail, which can be seen rather well in your shots.

Like Lou think you're being a bit hard on yourself Albatrossity. The second and third pic definitely show some faded yellow in the iris. And while adults do lose the yellow, a second and sometimes even a third year bird would still have some.  Plus as you noted, the tail has no distinct banding and while there is quite a bit of plumage variation in the species, the tail definitely indicates adult. Given the backlighting and all, I really think you made the right call.

Oh and Lou, if you'd like to have the opportunity to shoot some raptors at some point, you are always welcome to come up to the wildlife preserve I work at (not vocationally; just my hobby so to speak). Not only do we now have a raptor rescue group on site (which makes shooting pics of raptors sort of silly easy if you just want shots), but we do have one of the greater concentration of birds throughout Virginia. Granted you likely have something a weee bit closer to you down in NC, but just letting you know. It's called Banshee Reeks.

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