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Quote (ppb @ Oct. 06 2009,09:03)
I would recommend a good digital SLR.  My first digital camera was a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix.  It can take some very nice pictures, but the delay time between pushing the button and the actual picture taking makes it very frustrating to use.  

In my experience, recent (in the last few years) point and shoots don't suffer from nearly as much as the older ones did.

A DSLR definitely has the potential to take much better pictures. Aside from the nut behind the viewfinder, sensor and lens quality are the ultimate limiting factors, and DSLRs win this hands down. But that said, a P&S can still take quite nice photographs, especially if you aren't planning to make large prints.

Another thing to consider is portability. If the camera is a hassle to carry around, you won't have it with you nearly as often as one that fits in your pocket. You may also be more likely to take it interesting places if you are risking a few hundred dollars investment rather than a few thousand. There's a lot to be a said for a camera you can have with you all the time. This leads to the ultimate conclusion that you need several expensive toys instead of one :p is a good source of in depth camera reviews.

I am personally fond of Canon P&S cameras because of the extra flexibility available with CHDK, but that's probably only applicable to geeks.

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