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You are reminding me that I really need a new camera.  I have an old Mavica with the mini discs as a storage medium.  Ideal for taking photos of my dogs and puppies plus little video clips for my website but really, really sucky for trying to get pictures of the other critters around here.  I miss some great photo opportunities every day.  I've tried with the Mavica but it only has x8 zoom, utterly worthless for wildlife photography.

I have a pair of sharp shinned hawks nesting in one of my pine trees so I typically begin my day by seeing one of them fly from the tree to one of the fence posts.  The downy woodpecks, mocking birds, and scrub jays proceed to divebomb him/her.  

Once down the road I have to watch for the wild turkeys and sandhill cranes who are prone to sauntering across the two lane highway, although this morning I almost hit a flock of blue India peafowl that have been very busy birds of late.  There's about a dozen of the crazy things running loose now compared to the two pair I saw last year.

A mile from my place of employment I can watch the swallow tailed kites wheeling overhead.  There are three pair I see on a regular basis.

Living in the sticks sucks as far as having to tolerate the ignorant redneck human population goes but it's pretty cool for other beasts.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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