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Quote (Kristine @ Jan. 08 2008,09:49)
I'd like to get my hands on their archives.
*Pant! Pant!* ;)

Oooh, Kristine you sultry vamp! Can I be your paramour, err, I mean paralegal?

Quote (Nomad @ Jan. 08 2008,02:27)
If gutting the NASA budget is what it takes to get all the other things that need doing done.. than so be it.

Quote (Lou FCD @ Jan. 08 2008,07:46)
I was a big fan of the shuttle in the beginning, but it really has disappointed me.  I expected it to be a stepping stone back into space.  Ditto the ISS.  Mostly, they've become a money pit, endlessly circling the globe for no apparent reason.  I see no great benefit to either program, even the vaunted "international cooperationism" that was so loudly touted.

Although a lot of new technology came out of the three early NASA programs (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo), the agency has been patently moribund since. The shuttle was a boondoggle from the beginning (with the exception of servicing Hubble) and the ISS is even worse.

As for deciding how to vote, one criterion I've adopted is to regularly visit
PolitiFact and As election time approaches, thems what got the least lies, 'prolly got da vote. Interestingly, Pastor Huckabee (he is the subject of this thread, no?) has a goodly number of false, barely true, and half true ratings. Gotta love them fundagelical Christians!

$0.02 :D

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