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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 07 2007,16:40   

The anti-NOVA forces are hard at work and the  morphodyke is leading the UD charge

She quotes Behe saying,

When future intellectual historians list the books that toppled Darwin’s theory, Design of Life will be at the top.

Is Behe high?  Delusional?  That's crazy talk.  

These people have no grasp of reality do they?  William Dembksi, the Paris Hilton of Information Theory, and head Moonie Jonathan Wells are going to topple ToE?  That is crazy talk.  

Neither Dembski or Wells has a biological clue and according the Behe their little creationist handbook for the uninformed and uneducated is going to topple ToE?  They cannot even get published in any science journal and yet they are going to topple modern science with Of People and Pandas 3rd ed?

Holy crikey man my side is hurting.  This is too funny for words.

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