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Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Nov. 06 2007,16:53)
Who's to say god hasn't won every one of these court cases and he's getting really sick of being called an intelligent designer and wants nothing more than to be left out of science class and instead prominantly placed in religion class where he belongs :-)

That would be a very rational deity indeed.

I have often wondered about the notion that the printed Bible is the inerrant, literal, word of God. I have six Bibles in my house. Every one of them was translated, typeset, printed, bound, and sold through human agency.
As a Christian, I accept as a matter of faith that God's words are inerrant. As a rational (more or less) human being, however, I know that nothing printed in English conveys God's literal words and that there's little basis for deciding what God was actually trying to tell us poor, fallible, children two thousand (or 4 to 5 thousand for the OT) years ago.
I truly don't understand why modern fundamentalism isn't considered the greatest Christian heresy of the last millennium.

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