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Ok, here is a new game I created.  It's called "Who Am I"  I provide some quotes/beliefs and you guess who holds the beliefs or made the quotes.  Feel free to add your own "Who Am I" after you answer this one.

Ready?  Let's roll!

1) The Bible has sophisticated, coded, hidden messages that were put there by an intelligent agent.

2) There is an invisible world that is more real and weighty than our secular imaginations can fathom.

3) Winged humanoids inhabit that real and weighty invisible world.

I am

a) William Dembski, PhD, Intelligent Design Theorist

b) A garden variety untreated mentally ill person who suffers from delusions and hallucinations.

c) Both a and b (they are one in the same)

d) Charles Darwin

e) None of the above

Ok folks choose only one answer, and please, no looking at other people's answers.

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