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Quote (Annyday @ Dec. 07 2007,15:34)
I love it when that happens. Almost any institution that goes back more than 30-40 years has, somewhere in its history, done some things that are either extremely backwards or extremely shortsighted in hindsight.

Is Dave aware that Hitler was considered a conservative good-old-boy prior to WW2 when that award was given, and that Stalin was considered a vanguard of the free world against Nazism during WW2 by people on both sides of the political spectrum, or that "person of the year" is supposed to be for total impact? If he is, he has a funny way of showing it.

... but you know he'd be talking about how prestigious Time was instead, if one of the IDers had gotten into it somehow.

Time's person of the year award isn't an accolade for being a hero or doing something for the public good.  It's a recognition that Person X has--for better or for worse--had a large impact on the world that year.

ETA:  Drat!  Beat to the punch--and by that bastard Arden, no less!

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