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Venus Mousetrap

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 01 2007,10:46   

Great God, the weaselness burns on that site.

   Quite frankly I hope you are ashamed of yourselves, because I am in you.

Why is it that you are ashamed of us? On what basis do you feel ashamed? In an evolutionary worldview there is no basis for “shame”—there is no objective truth to know what is right and wrong. However, in the biblical worldview there is a basis for shame found in Genesis 3.

How fucking arrogant is that? To first impose a non-existent worldview on their critic, and then claim that he's betraying that worldview? And you really believe this clownery is a good argument?

My gosh, they also claim that the word 'unforgivable' is a Christian word and can't be used against them. Did you say you were a science teacher? How much of this crap do you actually support? They actually use the 'The Bible is true because the Bible is true' argument further down that page. Would you let your students get away with answers like that?

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