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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 29 2010,13:51   

Quote (Thought Provoker @ Nov. 27 2010,13:18)
Congratulations, Zachriel.

It looks like you have made such an impression at Telic Thoughts, you are no longer just Banned, you are now a person-who-shall-not-be-named.

In a comment concerning the WWII bombing of Dresden, I said something similar to "It's too bad Zachriel is banned because he probably would have something interesting to say on this".

After which my comment got stuck in the spam queue.

When ask for help, Bradford explained...

TP, the comment was stuck in the spam queue. Reason being the last part of the comment directed at the banning policy. I'd advise you to repost the otherwise productive comment without the last part.


So I checked by sending a comment asking if
the name Zachiel was added to the spam filter.

It got stuck in the spam filter too.

ETA - changed "problem" to "probably"

I'd hate to think that I am the reason no one can comment on art at TT.

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