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Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 19 2010,13:56)
Quote (KCdgw @ July 19 2010,12:45)
We can haz ID predickshun!

fifth monarchy man:

I for one have often thought about variability in genome sizes and I think the recent findings are a great opportunity to test the arguement and move forward in this debate.
I offer the following prediction
All things being equal, if two similar organisms have very different genome sizes the larger genome will be found in the organism with the most varied growth conditions.
For example If It is found that Coyotes and Grey foxes have different size genomes I would expect Coyotes to have the larger one because of their more varied diet and habitat.
The same goes for house flies verses fruit flies.
as TP says "lets do science"

I'd be interested to hear if this yahoo can tell us why, exactly, this prediction arises from ID "theory". Do we expect this relationship between "varied" growth conditions and genome size based on the THINK, or on the POOF elements of design theory?

I think FMM's idea is, a designer would want to provide organisms that are exposed to wide-ranging habitats or diets more DNA to develop adaptive solutions.

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