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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 12 2010,18:13   


I think that you could have chosen to read my post in the spirit in which it was written, that is, as a serious attempt to engage with an idea I disagree with.

Instead you've taken EVERY SINGLE POINT I made and interpreted it as a personal attack upon yourself. Even my comment about the changing paradigms in the field of cancer biology was turned into some kind of personal reflection on yourself.

My point that maybe biologists know more about the status evolutionary theory has among scientists--contra your google results--was interpreted, QUITE bizarrely, as an attempt to lynch you in effigy.

It really seems to me that you're being overly touchy and defensive. Too bad--I would have liked to continue this discussion.

Edited by Tom Ames on Feb. 12 2010,16:13

-Tom Ames

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