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Tom Ames

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 12 2010,16:35   

Quote (Joy @ Feb. 12 2010,12:52)
So it will be with evolutionary theory. Textbooks are already changing, the simplistic Darwinian pablum is no longer offered as "received scientific wisdom and fact."

History textbooks have also changed, no longer offering the simplistic notion that Manifest Destiny motivated the Civilization of the natives of North America by the benevolent colonizers. The fact that the modern view of American history as taught to high-schoolers differs from that of the 19th century doesn't change the fact that certain events happened, even down to their details.

(I'd appreciate it if you would read a book like Michael Lynch's "The Origins of Genome Architecture" and then tell if you still think that current evolutionary theory--still grounded firmly in the concept of RM-NS--is "simplistic".)

-Tom Ames

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