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When the tardometer just rockets off the scale:


KC wrote:
Polar bears aren't just pretty faces. They are the primary predator of the seal in the Arctic, for example. Removing them could negatively effect fish populations in the area, and other species dependent on the fish in the food web.

If they're predators, there will be more seals. Sounds like more seals for us, especially for the oppressed indigenuous Aleuts. I'm still not seeing a downside to their demise.
Besides, what should the population level of polar bears be? My guess is the only answer we'll hear from the likes of environmentalists/Gaia-worshippers is "more".
Whatever happened to "adapt or die"? Other species adapt that's how we got where we are. If polar bears can't adapt, then maybe they don't need to be around any longer. And any ecosystem that needs them so much that it can't adjust to their absence should also perish.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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