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Occam's Toothbrush

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 21 2009,04:31   

A debate about what Joe?

Your position against ID.

Ha ha, good one.  You had us going for a second there.  Not.

Since ID proponents assiduously avoid formulating their ideas in anything approaching a testable scientific hypothesis, there is nothing to debate from a scientific perspective.  ID does not attempt to be science, it only claims to be science, then consistently fails to support that claim.

ID is a PR campaign based on thinly veiled fundamentalist religious apologetics, an semi-intelligently designed creationist tactic intended to address the utter failure of "creation science" to be accepted as science, since all of its testable hypotheses were falsified.
For $10,000 I'll be happy to debate the proposition, "Joe Gallien is an arrogant fool who has been duped by the ID hucksters".

"Molecular stuff seems to me not to be biology as much as it is a more atomic element of life" --Creo nut Robert Byers
"You need your arrogant ass kicked, and I would LOVE to be the guy who does it. Where do you live?" --Anger Management Problem Concern Troll "Kris"

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