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Quote (Joy @ May 07 2009,22:55)
If you've got any excess Mexicans, do send 'em my way, Erasmus. I'm really lucky if I can get my own kids and grandkids to weed the crops during growing season! Have plenty of room for tents, I won't turn 'em in or anything. Heck, I'll even cook 'em dinner and make lemonade and iced sun tea just like I do for the local VFD when the springtime fires come along. Burned the whole bottomland this year, closest it's ever gotten!

Contribute to the local economy? We indeed do, in a good many ways. Just love this place on the planet, of all places on the planet I've ever lived (and I was born where Mount Punatubo is now). Chose it on purpose. If you're gonna live in Florida, live at the beach (which we did). If you're gonna live in NC, live on a mountain. And we do. You got a problem with that?

Hey Joy,

I think my daughter goes to school near you: Warren Wilson College, in Swannanoa. Its a gorgeous part of the country, to be sure.


Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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