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Quote (JAM @ July 06 2008,22:20)


Nelson, you're scientifically illiterate. Your "prediction" is fraudulent, as it is merely a restatement of your hypothesis. A real prediction is about what we will directly observe, not how we will interpret it.

No it doesn't.

So when during evolution did this hypothetical frontloading of Wnt (it's [=it is] capitalized for a reason) genes occur? That's a testable hypothesis, and one that my hypothesis (you are a fraud and at some level you know it) predicts you'll run away from.

The hypothesis expected the ancient suite of wnt genes would be present already, further research would have to be done to know exactly which ones can be traced further back but that key genes would be able to be traced back.


BTW, you're not only scientifically illiterate, but you appear to be fundamentally illiterate. Can't you distinguish between the possessive pronoun "its" (no apostrophe) and the contraction (it's)?

And you are incredibly pedantic, which is why no one with any sense takes you seriously.

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