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(Permalink) Posted: July 06 2008,06:11   

Quote (Frostman @ July 06 2008,06:09)
Nelson Alonso aka Guts:
It's also interesting that you said you "sent me" a coded message, I received no such message. Why are you lying? The reason is obvious.

I thought I've seen thick skulls before, but yours has got to be the thickest I have ever seen.  For the third time: the coded message was that I called you Nelson Alonso, not Guts.

To witness your disintegration into a flailing ball of petulant 13-year-old comments here, right now, on this forum, is so awesome, Nelson.  Please, continue, continue.

Frostman, you still haven't told me why you refer to yourself in the third person. Isn't that utterly insane? Do you think your mother would be proud of something like that?

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