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Frostman writes:

Incidentally, anon9 is me.  I'd have spoken sooner had I been following things.  I made the comment way-back-when and then promptly forgot about it.  I follow neither Telic Thoughts nor this site.  I did not have any reservations about attempting to raise consciousness at what has proven to be an unethical blog.  Nor did I try to disguise myself or my intentions, since I mentioned the name Frostman and gave links to my posts here.

This is quite false. In fact anon9/frostman posted this on TT:


Many have been banned for this kind of confrontational style. One banned participant named Frostman documented his experience at Telic Thoughts

A clear attempt at disguising himself.


In fact anon9 sent a coded message to the site administrator, Guts, saying that he was Frostman.

In fact, I received no such "coded message". I did receive an e-mail from Frostman posing as JackT, who was using proxies to try to prove that he was not anon9/frostman, but still begged me to lift the ban.

This willingness to be deceptive speaks volumes. It shows the one who lacks ethics is frostman, not me.

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