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I believe in the flood, but only because I haven't seen the evidence against it.  My main reason for believing it (other than the bible), is that the landscape looks like the aftermath of massive flood runoff when viewed from the air.  Not very scientific, I know but that's where I'm at.  (insert joke here)

Are you kidding?  Where in the hell does it look like that?

That isn't even worth making a joke about.  You need some help dude.

The scablands of Idaho and eastern Washington look very much like the result of a giant flood. And, it turns out they are, but note that it was a giant flood (on a human scale), not a worldwide flood. I don't doubt that there are similar landscapes elsewhere in the world. Nevertheless, the morphology of the terranes immediately abutting the scablands, the evidence for several such great floods in this same area, and the complete lack of any evidence for a flood of a non-localized (albeit large) area rather undermines the hypothesis of a world wide flood.
One more point: Isn't it illogical to be saying you believe in something  because there's no evidence against it when there's no physical evidence for it in the first place? Just asking.


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